SPI Seminar Series

CESAM Webinar – 27 October 2022

Alternet & CESAM SPI Webinar: Challenges in marine conservation and sustainable use

CESAM hosted the fourth installment in the Alternet Science-Policy Interface seminar series on 27 October 2022. This free, open webinar addressed such topics as gaps in knowledge, biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction, and capacity building and technology transfer in marine sciences.

Presentations were be given by three specialist researchers. The webinar was moderated by Dr. Ana Lillebø, a well-established researcher in Coastal Ecosystems in a transdisciplinary context. Ana Lillebø is the Vice-Chair of Alternet Council and member of the 3rd Eklipse Knowledge Coordination Body.


  • Dr Ana Hilário is a deep-sea ecologist which research is focused on biodiversity and biogeography of chemosynthetic ecosystems, reproductive ecology of invertebrates, and population connectivity. Ana has contributed to the policy process by authoring and reviewing the UN Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment I and II, and has worked with Portuguese Ministry of the Sea in the design of a national network of MPAs. Currently she co-leads Challenger 150 (www.challenger150.world), a 10-year programme of deep-sea biological science endorsed by UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.
  • Dr Catarina Eira develops research on biological sciences with emphasis on biodiversity conservation and marine biology. Catarina is the head of the Centre for Research and Rehabilitation of Marine Animals, dedicated to supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and release into the wild of marine animals, of the ECOMARE – Laboratory for the Innovation and Sustainability of Marine Biological Resources.
  • Dr Cristina Pita is a specialist in fisheries, with a strong focus on small-scale fisheries, sustainable seafood markets, marine resource management, marine governance and coastal cultural heritage. Cristina integrates the pool of national experts for the United Nations World Ocean Assessment (UN-WOAII), covering the socioeconomic aspects of fisheries.

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