European Projects

BioAgora is a collaborative European project funded by the Horizon Europe programme. It aims to connect research results on biodiversity to the needs of decision-making in a targeted dialogue between scientists, other knowledge holders and policy actors.

Its main outcome will be the development of a fair and functional Science Service for Biodiversity, that will orchestrate processes and initiatives at the Science-Policy Interface at the European level.

The CO-OP4CBD project seeks to strengthen the science-policy interface to support effective engagement with CBD processes within Europe and enhance coordination within the EU by effectively harnessing the knowledge of EU experts.

Its objectives are to: develop an effective approach for engaging experts to support CBD negotiators; enhance mechanisms for technical/scientific cooperation and capacity-building; and help develop an effective monitoring/review process for implementing the Kunming-Montreal biodiversity package by CBD parties.​​

ECO-READY is a project that aims to address the complex issue of food security in Europe by providing real-time data and critical insights into the factors that affect food accessibility and the economic protection of producers. It involves the development of an observatory that provides up-to-date information on climate issues for policy, citizens, and the business community through a transparent organization — the policy Hub.