Alternet Association

Alternet is an international non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium. Its internal governance is organised into three main governing bodies: the Executive Board, the Management Board, and the Alternet Council.

Executive Board

Jiska van Dijk (NINA)

Alternet Network Council Chair

Ana Lillebø (CESAM)

Alternet Network Council Vice-Chair

Philip Roche (INRAE)

Alternet Management Board Chair

Allan Watt

Alternet Management Board Vice-Chair

Maurice Hoffmann


Alternet Management Board

Each of Alternet’s core activities is supported by the leadership of an appointed member of the Management Board. The Management Board members work to deliver action proposals and recommendations to the Alternet Council–and then work throughout the year to carry out those action plans. The Council Chair, Council Vice-Chair, Secretariat, and Treasurer all additionally serve as members of the Management Board.

Management Board members work on an in-kind basis and meet several times throughout the year with at least one in-person meeting held annually.

Philip Roche (INRAE)

Alternet High Impact Actions (AHIA)

Allan Watt

Vice Chair; Summer School

Maurice Hoffmann

Science Seminars

Juliette Young (UK-CEH)

Science-Policy Interface

Mart Külvik (EMU)

Collaboration on international calls and tenders

Marie Vandewalle (UFZ)


Riikka Paloniemi (Syke)

Research Infrastructure

Adriana Clivillé Morató (CREAF)


Joan Pino (CREAF)

Multi-Site Research (MSR)

Lisa Norton (UK-CEH)

Biodiversity Monitoring

Karmen Czett (ESSRG)

A4Cap Alumni Network

Ana Lillebo (CESAM)

Alternet Conference

Mark Frenzel (UFZ)

Research Infrastructure

Alternet Council

Each partner institute in Alternet selects a council member when they join the network. These representatives comprise the Network Council, the governing body responsible for approving proposals, budgets, and activities. Full members of Alternet are appointed voting rights, while associate members may attend Council meetings but do not participate in voting.

An annual meeting of the Council is held annually under the leadership of the Council Chair and additional meetings may be organised as often as needed. 

  • Council Chair: Jiska van Dijk, NINA (Norway)
  • Council Vice-Chair: Ana Lillebo, CESAM (Portugal)


The activities of the governing bodies are supported by the Alternet Secretariat; the secretariat also oversees internal and external communications and general administration.

Tyler Kulfan

Alternet Secretariat


Maurice Hoffmann

Alternet Treasurer

Eklipse Governance

Since 2020, the Eklipse science-policy interface has been under the management of Alternet. Eklipse’s governance is self-sustaining and operates autonomously. Learn more about Eklipse’s governance and organisation.