European Research Infrastructure

Since its start, Alternet has been committed to developing the infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem research in Europe. We have aided the foundation and support of key research infrastructures.

A key added-value of Alternet membership is access to all of our partner institutes’ infrastructure facilities. 


At Alternet, we are assessing changes in biodiversity and analysing the effect of those changes on ecosystem services. Alternet partners are important end-users of the data provided in the European research infrastructures.

Petteri VihervaaraSYKE

Long Term Ecosystem Research

ALTER-Net established the LTER-Europe network of long-term ecosystem research sites. LTER enhances our understanding of the structure and functions of ecosystems through research and long-term observation of representative sites around the globe.

LifeWatch ERIC

ALTER-Net was a founder organisation of LifeWatch, a European plan to link ecological monitoring data collected from marine and terrestrial environments with the vast amount of data in physical collections.