Fostering the European Science-Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

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Alternet brings together international natural and social science researchers from 21 European countries to integrate our understanding of biodiversity, ecosystems, and the services they provide to society and to create a platform for meaningful communication with policy-makers and the public.

SER Declaration: Scientists in Support of an Ambitious EU Nature Restoration Law

Alternet as an Association of scientific institutes strongly and wholeheartedly supports the SER-declaration: ‘Scientists in Support of an Ambitious EU Law for Nature Restoration’

AHIA Publication & Policy Brief

The 2019-2020 AHIA project “From meta-system theory to the sustainable, adaptive management of rivers in the Anthropocene” has yielded a new publication in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment and a new policy brief.

Alternet Newsletter: Autumn Edition

Catch up with the work and projects of Alternet partners–and read introductions to our four new partner institutes–in this Autumn edition of the Alternet newsletter.

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