The European Science-Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


Alternet brings together international natural and social science researchers from 18 European countries to integrate our understanding of biodiversity, ecosystems, and the services they provide to society and to create a platform for meaningful communication with policy-makers and the public.


In Memoriam: Leon Braat

We remember Leon Braat, who was an integral member of the Alternet leadership and community. Leon passed away on 25 March 2021.

6th Eklipse Call for Requests: DEADLINE EXTENDED

Policy and other societal actors are invited to identify topics or evidence needs relating to biodiversity and ecosystem services of EU policy relevance, requiring an in-depth analysis and a consolidated view from science and other knowledge holders. Deadline: April 19th 2021, 6 pm CET

New Programme of Undergraduate Summer Grants at CREAF

CREAF is seeking four talented undergraduate students willing to be involved as a new generation of ecologists. Spend two months (between May and October 2021) with CREAF researchers, doing field work, lab work, travelling, learning about databases.

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