Fostering the European Science-Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

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Alternet brings together international natural and social science researchers from 21 European countries to integrate our understanding of biodiversity, ecosystems, and the services they provide to society and to create a platform for meaningful communication with policy-makers and the public.


CESAM & Alternet SPI Webinar

The third Alternet SPI webinar titled Challenges in marine conservation and sustainable use” will be hosted by CESAM on the 27 October from 12:00 to 14:00 CEST. This event will be free.

Alternet Summer School 2022

The 16th Alternet Summer School will be held 20-30 September in Peyresq, France. The theme of this year’s programme will be “Biodiversity and societal transformation: perspectives on science and policy.”
Alternet Conference 2022

The 2022 Alternet Conference was held 14-17 June 2022 in Ghent, Belgium. The theme of this conference was: “Transformative Changes for Biodiversity and Health.”

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