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Eklipse: Call for Review of “Incorporating ecosystem services in mitigation hierarchy policy” draft report

Topic of the request/knowledge synthesis need: How could we improve adherence to the mitigation hierarchy using ecosystem services with a particular focus on the avoid state?

Description: Eklipse is inviting experts from different fields to contribute to the Eklipse process by reviewing the draft evidence report of the request on “Incorporating ecosystem services in Mitigation hierarchy policy”. This request has been addressed to Eklipse by the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) and the draft report has been developed by the Expert Working Group (EWG).

You can find more information about this request, including the Document of Work and the Methods protocol, that describes the the background of the request, the results of the scoping activities, the methodological framework proposed by the Eklipse Expert Working Group, which will be used to investigate how ecosystem services are incorporated into mitigation hierarchy policy and, on our website at:

Why contribute:

  • You are an expert on disciplines/expertise related to the topic of the call and you want to draw attention to your field of expertise (Reviewers will be acknowledged in the final report).
  • You value transparency and reliability of knowledge synthesis outputs and by feedback processes.
  • You would like to participate in a mechanism that enhances policy decisions based on the best available knowledge.

How to participate:

Please read the draft report and add your comments by filling in the Eklipse Form below before January 19th, 2023

Status: Open Call