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A-AAGORA 2nd Call for the financial support of associated regions

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The A-AAGORA consortium is pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd Call for Associated Regions to participate in the A-AAGORA project. Having approved 3 projects in the first call, the consortium now intends to support 4 additional Associated Regions, considering the maximum financial support of EUR 70,000, to implement nature-based solutions across four referential basins – Atlantic+Arctic, Baltic, Mediterranean, and Danube/Black Sea. 

Applicants are expected to propose the implementation of A-AAGORA demonstration activities in their Region. These activities focus on restoration of kelp forests, seagrass beds and sand dunes, and on the protection and restoration of coastal areas due to coastal erosion and biodiversity in human-made hard infrastructures. Applicants can select more than one activity to implement, following a living lab approach. This means that solutions are implemented, tested and monitored with the involvement of local citizens and stakeholders, and can change and evolve as the project learns what is best for the Region.

Selected ‘Associated Regions’ will work with the A-AAGORA project to demonstrate the feasibility, replicability, and scalability of the solutions developed within the initiative. These regions will play a key role in showcasing how the project’s outcomes can be effectively implemented in other areas, to restore, protect and preserve our ocean, seas, and waters.

The consortium foresees a bidirectional involvement of the ‘Associated Regions’ in the project, promoting access to innovative ideas, techniques and results. This collaboration is expected to increase motivation to plan and implement significant activities in the near future. ‘Associated Regions’ will also become active members of the A-AAGORA Community of Practice (CoP), a forum for sharing experiences, exchanging best practices, and ensuring the long-term success of the project’s objectives even beyond its duration.

Eligible beneficiaries for this call are local and/or regional organizations from Member States, overseas and associated countries to the Horizon Europe Programme. Project lead by local and/or regional authorities will be prioritized, and in any case, projects must include a local/regional authority.

Key Dates:

  • Call Opening: 31st January 2024
  • Call Closing Date: 20th March 2024

For interested applicants, comprehensive details and guidelines can be found here. 

The complete text of the call is available here.

Proposals must be submitted using the online form.

About A-AAGORA Project: Co-Funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe program and Coordinated by the University of Aveiro, A-AAGORA is a four-year project that is structured to support the ambitious targets set in the European Commission Mission on “restore our ocean and waters by 2030” through the reduction of pressures in coastal areas to boost resilience to climate change and mitigate its impacts.

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