Summer School

Programme and Speakers

  • On biodiversity: an introduction to the 2021 ALTER-Net summer school – Allan Watt
  • Why should we conserve biodiversity? – Martin Sharman
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems, functions and services – Emilie Crouzat
  • Nature’s contributions to people, IPBES and diverse values of nature – Sander Jacobs
  • Can the ecosystem service and nature’s contributions to people concepts help engage stakeholders and local decision-makers? – Francis Turkelboom
  • Climate change, biodiversity and intergovernmental processes – Wolfgang Cramer
  • Policy making and planning in an uncertain future – Marc Metzger
  • Transformations towards sustainability –  Sybille van den Hove
  • Biodiversity conservation and conflict – Juliette Young
  • Nitrogen: driver of biodiversity loss or answer to world food shortages? – Mark Sutton
  • Biodiversity and transformational change in the rural environment – Nicolas Dendoncker
  • Biodiversity and transformational change in cities – Andre Mascarenhas
  • Transformational change: an environmental psychology perspective – Melissa Marselle
  • The honest broker in practice – Roger Pielke Jr.