Science-Policy Interface

Alternet and Eklipse

As a component of its core commitment to the Science-Policy Interface, Alternet is thrilled to take over the management of the Eklipse mechanism.

Following the completion of its phase as an EU project, Eklipse is now an autonomous, self-sustaining, non-profit SPI mechanism under the management of Alternet. From 2016 through 2020, Eklipse was an EU H2020 funded project. During its project phase, five of its ten partners are from the Alternet network (CEH, UFZ, ISOE, ESSRG, SYKE).

Eklipse’s main aim is to fill the gap at the European Science Policy Interface (SPI) by establishing a self-sustainable European support mechanism for evidence-informed policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

This policy-support mechanism will revolutionize Alternet’s contribution to the science-policy interface. Building on the high impact outputs already produced by Eklipse in the pilot phase in response to policy-maker requests (e.g. environmental ministries, EU Commission, IUCN, etc.), this autonomous mechanism will advance the Eklipse strategy of promoting robust and transparent SPI approaches–bringing together the best expertise from across the EU and using tailored, adapted and state-of-the-art methods for knowledge synthesis. Alternet has agreed to maintain Eklipse’s unique governance structure and ethical infrastructure.

In recent years, Eklipse and Alternet have begun successful collaboration on a number of projects and activities, including the Horizon Scanning workshop in Peyresq (Autumn 2018) and the 2019 Alternet & Eklipse Conference in Ghent on the Post-2020 Biodiversity Strategy. We are excited and optimistic about this next chapter of partnership.